Wix: Peoples First Choice Website Builder

More than 200 million people have already chosen Wix to build their website, making it the most popular website builder available today. Its innovative drag-and-drop builder, advanced design features and sophisticated business tools make it easy for anyone to create a website for free.

Users can choose from 500+ beautifully-designed intuitive templates, or start from a blank canvas to build a website from scratch. Once the site is built, they can use any of the helpful features designed to run a professional website from built-in SEO tools and Wix Analytics to social media and email marketing templates to get the word out and drive site traffic.

When comparing the all-around best website builders, Wix is the clear winner. To get the most out of the platform, it’s a good idea to get to know the variety of features and design options available.

Wix in detail

  • Designed for Everyone – You don’t need to be a techie to use the intuitive drag and drop interface. However, their full-stack web development solution Velo allows you the option to dive into the code if you wish.
  • Rich Template Gallery – You can choose your favorite from over 500 designer-made fully customizable templates.
  • Add-on Compatibility – You can integrate third-party applications to your website to expand its range of capabilities.
  • All-Encompassing Platform – Need a name for your business? Use the Business Name Generator to come up with catchy ideas. Then check out the Logo Maker to design a logo that’s just right for you and your brand. Next, boost your traffic, close deals and build customer loyalty with Ascend by Wix where you’ll get a suite of business tools built right into your site.

Thumbs Up

  • Create and host as many free websites as you want, without any pressure to upgrade
  • Use Wix Editor and choose from more than 500 designer-made customizable templates. Or answer some detailed questions and let Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) take the lead and create your professional website in only a few minutes.
  • Once you publish your website, you will get Wix Analytics to help you understand which of your content is working best and how your visitors behave. Then use these insights to improve and boost traffic.
  • Everything is compatible with popular web services and apps, helping you to:

            -send beautifully-designed marketing emails

            -add a blog

            -launch an online store

            -host contests

            -make bookings and payments

            -collect testimonials

            -offer live support

  • When you create a website with Wix, you automatically get a mobile-optimized version that looks great on any screen. And for those who need to manage their website on the go, download the Wix Owner app, where you can stay on top of everything happening on your site.
  • Your website will also include web hosting and enterprise grade security.
  • Wix is also a great choice for those who have coding knowledge with its full-stack web development solution—Velo. This allows you to customize your site even further with access to APIs, and gives you the ability to add your own JavaScript and instantly build dynamic sites. 
  • Constant updates – Wix adds new tools and features monthly to keep your website up-to-date and running smoothly.

Thumbs Down

  • Once you’ve chosen a template and started to build your website, you can’t switch templates. 
  • Existing content won’t automatically flow into a new template structure, so make sure to choose wisely.
  • Wix doesn’t have compatibility for exporting content, meaning you have to manually transfer your old site’s content.
  • Free sites display a very prominent Wix logo.
  • You get a free domain name that is an extension of Wix.

User experience

Wix can definitely brag about having the most intuitive user interface in the industry. It’s as simple as picking a template and customizing to your needs. It’s quite possible to sign up in the morning and have a fully functional professional website online by the end of the day. You don’t need to provide your credit card info—just an email address will do. To get started, you need to choose the right template and add content like text, images and videos. The drag and drop editor allows you the option to add features without any prior knowledge about coding or graphic design. Wix empowers you by offering the tools to create a fantastic website even for those not technologically or artistically inclined.

Wix offers comprehensive user support. The Help Center has an enormous library of articles, step-by-step walkthroughs and comprehensive how-to video tutorials. Help buttons within the Editor allow you to get support as you’re working — without having to open a new webpage. You can also talk to a trained support assistant at Wix’s Call Center, who can walk you through any possible issues.

All free accounts are automatically given a Wix URL with the format: username.wixsite.com/sitename/page-url. We recommend upgrading so that you can connect your own domain. For an affordable price, you can either transfer a pre-purchased domain name or purchase a domain directly from Wix.

When it comes to overall user experience, Wix is the standout option in the website building world today.


Premium options

We’ve already mentioned that Wix offers free, unlimited hosting. But if you want to upgrade your site’s storage, enhance its bandwidth or access special features, you can choose amongst a variety of affordable premium service plans. The most evident difference between a free site and a premium one is the prominent “Powered by Wix” ad on free sites and the fact that you can’t link the site to a domain of your own. When you use the free trial option your website domain will be an extension of Wix, so visitors will see that you are using Wix to host your site.

If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you can choose from seven different premium options. Each plan includes hosting and the ability to connect your domain directly to the webpage. The most basic premium plan, Connect Domain ($4.50/month), gets you your own domain name, 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB storage - but the ads won’t go away. For an additional $4/month Wix offers the Combo plan ($8.50/month), with 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage and no Wix ads.

Next up is the Unlimited plan ($12.50/month), which offers the benefits of the Combo plan in addition to unlimited bandwidth and a few more useful tools specially designed for freelancers and entrepreneurs. And finally, the VIP plan ($24.50/month)  which includes everything the others have, plus access to more tools, better support and unlimited bandwidth. There are also three Premium options especially for eCommerce sites (ranging from $17/month to $35/month).

The Unlimited, eCommerce and VIP plans each include $75 in ad vouchers, a form builder app and Site Booster app. The VIP plan allows you to run up to 10 email campaigns per month for targeted marketing and includes a professional review. Overall, the Unlimited Plan offers the best balance between features, tools and pricing. For that reason it’s the most popular choice among users.

Evaluate your needs - if your goal is to create a blog with basic media content, the Connect Domain plan could be the right choice for you. For an online store, you’ll need a more advanced plan like eCommerce or VIP. Once you make a decision, Wix makes your site’s set-up a breeze.

Characteristics & Tools

Wix is known worldwide as a reliable, free website builder. This popularity is owed in part to the fact that Wix offers one of the most feature-rich website creation experiences available. With hundreds of designer templates available, business owners, bloggers and anyone looking to create a professional online presence will have ample possibilities to highlight their content without losing time on the more technical aspects of website design.

Use custom interactions to make an interactive site and add triggering events when visitors perform specific actions, like hovering, scrolling or clicking. Wire events to page elements—and with just a line of code—add animation effects, change SVG images, show or hide text, and collapse or expand entire sections of your site.

The embedded Wix Image Collections let you work with a fantastic gallery of professional stock images, while the Wix Pro Gallery allows you to enhance and edit images. You can display images and other content on a variety of slideshow galleries that increase user engagement and time spent on the site. Wix also allows you to make all images shareable on social media.

The App Market provides hundreds of third-party add-ons that can help you create a more sophisticated, streamlined and customized website. These include (but are not limited to) social media streams, newsletter signup forms, eCommerce and SEO tools, scheduling solutions, surveys, and image and video tools. Many of these are free, though others charge a small fee. The App Market is a fantastically complete and comprehensive resource that will satisfy even the most demanding entrepreneurs.

In 2016 Wix launched its most avant garde innovation, Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI). ADI is a brand new technology that’s revolutionizing the website building world by creating customized websites through an algorithm that’s based on users’ specific needs. ADI researches millions of sites across the web and then pools information into an incredibly refined, first class end product (which can be further edited with the standard Wix Editor). You’ll be amazed by the quality and accuracy of the pre-selected items ADI prepares for you based on your answers to a few questions.

You can add a background video to your website for no cost. Upload your own video through Wix videos - and you can even add your own music as well. Note that video backgrounds won’t display on the website’s mobile version.

Parallax scrolling is a web design effect that creates an immersive experience for viewers. The effect separates the site’s background and foreground, and as readers scroll down, the two sections move at different speeds creating a sensation of depth. Parallax scrolling is a unique way to integrate large, captivating images with text and can increase the time that users spend on your site.

Wix is constantly adding new features and designs. This is critical as you can trust that your website will keep up with all the latest trends and tech.


Wix’s extensive collection of over 500 designer-made templates cover a broad range of industries, from business (consulting services, finance, law, marketing, real estate, etc.) and eCommerce to restaurants, food and hospitality, accommodation and others. The sheer quantity of templates allows for significant specialization and niche types of content - some would be perfect for an astrology blog while others might be more suited for an online bicycle gear shop.

To help you choose the perfect one, scroll over any template and click “Info” to see how it would look and what uses it’s best suited for. You can click to see a demo view before making a final choice.

Once you choose a theme, you can begin to add content to your page. Wix templates come pre-populated with sample content, which means it can be as easy as replacing the sample content with your own without the frustrating feeling of staring at a blank screen and not knowing how to lay things out. Wix template designs are always up-to-date according to the latest design trends. There is also a helpful tool in the Editor that gives feedback on how your site’s looking. Before publishing your site, you can choose to share it with a select number of people to request feedback. This is a great way to get some (private) advice before you go live. One of the major drawbacks of working with templates is that you can’t migrate your content to a different one after you’ve started building. If you do want to switch, you’ll have to reinsert your content from step one. So make sure to invest a bit more time into selecting the right template for your website!



Wix is by far the most successful all-around website builder available today. Its intuitive editor interface enables anyone (regardless of coding ability) to create and design a website. Wix allows you to easily get your website up and running without having to hire a web designer or developer, and multiple forms of support are there to help and guide you throughout your site-building experience.

The bottom line: Thanks to Wix, creating your professional website and establishing yourself online has never been easier. So what are you waiting for?