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WordPress is one of the most popular website builders on the market. Their services are used to build more than 1/3 of all websites available online.

It all started from a small a blogging platform in 2003 and from then on it grows constantly. It became a huge website builder that manages an enormous amount of content and allows programming. Those options make WordPress very flexible and easy to adapt - you can create and design your website as you wish!  

Wordpress in detail is the is the fully-hosted version  that takes care of the hosting for you. Hosting is the service and storage of your website content on the web so that all the users can access it by going to the designated URL address. takes care of your hosting needs for a monthly fee.

In contrast,, is the self-hosted version that allows any modifications and changes to the site without any restrictions.

Since now, when we use the term "WordPress" we mean (unless otherwise stated).

Thumbs Up

  • Open source and free
  • Easy installation and service
  • Versatile and customizable
  • Plenty of security plug-ins
  • Owning your own content

Thumbs Down

  • High prices for additional plugins and extra options
  • Taking care of hosting yourself
  • Not for novices unfamiliar with coding
  • The learning curve for installations

User experience

WordPress is a builder with many advantages, among others, it allows many modifications, is convenient and easy to use. Thanks to these features, it has become one of the most frequently chosen options for website developers. You can use it for: blogging, to set up small businesses, to operate an online store, to create member sites, start online lessons, business and many others.

In comparison with the competition, WordPress divides the design, content and functionality which favor data portability.

Because of being so recognized, WordPress has good programmers everywhere in the world. Additionally, you can participate in online lessons and also use the tutorials available online to learn how WordPress works.

WordPress provides many additional options for your site. Thanks to professional plugins and add-ons you can create a website as you desire!

Any function you want can be added thanks to themes and plugins. Most of them are open source, meaning free to use. Don't waste your time on programming and fixing bugs! All you need is a suitable plugin that can be configured in a glimpse.

Due to its popularity, almost all popular third-party tools already have integrations available for WordPress. In WordPress, all of your tools such as email marketing program, SEO tools, CMR software, lead generation tool and payments will work.

However, because of so many options available, it is more difficult to learn it and become proficient in it. One of the shortcomings of WordPress is the need to have coding skills because it is not so easy to design and customize content, compared to, for example, builders such as Wix that use the usual drag and drop tool.

You need to remember about backups and the security of your website. However, WordPress has many options to create backups and security. It's WordPress plugins that allow you to create copies and safeguards on your site completely automatically.

Even if you think you need to manage your website or blog yourself, this is not true. WordPress guarantees a multitude of tools to help you. This open-source software is used by a lot of websites on the Internet, as we said before, and is created by an association of programmers for everyone. You can find many pages or discussions on the web about all the problems that might have arisen during the usage. These are user experiences that will give you answers to all your questions. However, there is also an official website with forums and knowledge source to further deepen in the topic and issue.

Premium options

WordPress offers so-called open-source software that allows free download, installation and use for every user. Your site cannot be closed due to censorship or violation of the conditions. WordPress allows you to create all kinds of sites to suit your requirements, without any obstacles.

However, as with other sites, you need to register your domain and hosting. You choose which page you want to create, but with some types of websites you will need paid themes and WordPress extensions.

Nonetheless, "" (i.e. the fully-hosted version) has five different offers depending on the user, including a free subscription.


Free Plan:

  • Storage up to 3GB
  • Basic Design Customization
  • Community Support
  • Free themes
  • Jetpack essential components
  • Subdomain under


Personal Plan– $5/month billed annually:

  • All the components listed in the Free Plan
  • 6GB Storage Space
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Support through e-mail and chat
  • Elimination of the Ads


Premium Plan– $8/month billed annually:

  • All the components listed in the Personal Plan
  • 13GB Storage Space
  • Limitless premium themes
  • Advanced Design Customization
  • Monetize your site
  • VideoPress assistance


Business Plan – $25/month billed annually:

  • All the components listed in the Premium Plan
  • Limitless storage space
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Install Plugins
  • Live Courses
  • Elimination of the brand
  • SEO tools
  • Upload themes


eCommerce Plan– $45/month billed annually:

  • All the components listed in the Business plan
  • Access to premium Storefront child themes
  • Premium WooCommerce extensions
  • Integrations with best shipping conveyors
  • Possibility to obtain payments in 60+ countries
  • Storefront Powerpack

Characteristics & Tools

By being open-source, WordPress lets you create your tools, plugins, themes and features. Anyone who knows about coding can use this option, which is one of the most developed on the market. The huge library of WordPress plugins allows you to adjust all parameters to your needs and in addition is constantly growing! Your site will grow and develop without restrictions due to the flexibility of WordPress!

Thanks to its adaptability and simplicity, WordPress is present in every corner of the internet. However, what makes WordPress unique is not a multitude of functions, but the ability to use an unlimited number of plugins that can find their place on your website to make it fully personalized!

SEO and WordPress are like good friends. Thanks to the integration, it is possible to fully configure your website to be quickly and easily found in search engines. And right from the start, your site or blog will be optimized to the best SEO practices, even if you don’t install any additional SEO plugins (available for free). Search engines and WordPress work fully compatible.

WordPress allows freedom in the design and personalization of it websites! If you want to change the look or theme of your site, just install the plugin, which will also make your website more functional. WordPress offers a multitude of themes and plugins, both free and paid.

Everything is so simple! To make your website better, you only need a few extra features that will be delivered through plugins. Your task is to find a matching plugin and insert it through installation on the site.

Options such as Google Analytics (tracking scripts) can be added to your website without limits.


Do not be frightened if after installation you not find a pleasant surprise. A pre-selected theme (Twenty-Fifteen) will appear on your side, but that doesn't mean anything. You will soon find thousands of themes. In addition, there are a multitude of WordPress themes, free and not, on the internet that you can apply to your website. Each theme can be used after downloading it and moving the files to the right spot.

Many templates and designs allow you to easily use and personalize WordPress. The various options that are available make it easier to create websites and make them one of a kind!



Undoubtedly, WordPress is at the top of the popularity pyramid when it comes to creating blogs and websites. It is quite difficult to learn and requires spending more time to understand it, but thanks to this knowledge you will be the owner of a truly professional website.

WordPress allows to do a lot, you are free in what you do, you can personalize your site without any barriers. If you are just writing a blog and are not going to use e-commerce, then of course you will find an alternative in the Internet, but if you want to be a professional and you take your business seriously, take a chance and spend some time learning.